Frequently Asked Questions

Giltxchange is a wallet, exchange and a Direct Crypto Payment Card (GIX) created to simplify all operations and make them more convenient for all crypto currency conversions. More of that it’s a platform where user becomes owner. Every user or investor participate in ICO will get the profit of exchange platform.

The exchange will also have built-in cold storage feature in order to make all you blockchain based funds safe yet easy to access.

Providing a chance to get into the use of blockchain based currency is important to ensure wider spread of this technology, specially to the part of the world where traditional banking systems cannot guarantee access for everyone.

With this product, Giltxchange is aiming to bridge the traditional payment infrastructure with blockchain based assets and currencies.

Giltxchange brings comfort and convenience through its features and functionalities:

  • Add Funds – This feature allows users to add money to their Giltxchange account through their blockchain wallet or bank account.
  • Buy and exchange crypto currencies – Everyone everywhere will be able to buy major cryptocurrencies with Giltxchange. Moreover, it will be possible to use Altcoins for all purchases with your GIX Debit Card. No external, manual exchange necessary, no complex processes.
  • Pay Merchants – Like any other ordinary debit card, GIX card will allow you to pay for your groceries, online purchases or coffee using the crypto currency that is available on your integrated blockchain wallet as an underlying source of funding for the transaction.
  • Send funds – This feature allows users to send funds Giltxchange users at anytime, worldwide.
  • Cash Out – This allows users to cash out their currency through partner banks.

A crypto currency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

Crypto currencies are classified as a subset of digital currencies and are also classified as a subset of alternative currencies and virtual currencies.

Giltxchange is a wallet, exchange and a direct crypto payment card created to simplify all operations and make them more convenient for all crypto currency conversions. With these features we will be offering:

  • Profit Distribution
  • Forever free cryptocurrency exchange
  • Wide range of supported altcoins
  • Wide Range of Supported FIAT Currencies
  • Margin trading loans
  • Offline Crypto currency Storage
  • A seamless integration between all these components

We will be announcing the rates as soon as 2018 2Q when all our negotiations with service providers will be over.

You will be able to order the GIX Debit Card via our mobile app once it is released.

Mobile app should be ready by December 2018.

We’re looking to start with USD/EUR/GBP, more currencies to be added later.

We are planning to use MasterCard. This will be finalized once the negotiations with our partners are over.

We will be announcing the rates as soon as 2018 2Q when all our negotiations with service providers are over.

GIX token holders are incentivised to hold on to their GIX coins, as these will be essential to our exchange loyalty program.

For GIX community members who purchase 1000 or more GIX tokens we will waive the exchange fees for exchange transactions, whose cumulative value in USD does not not exceed 10x times the tokens held (i.e. if you hold 1.500 GIXtokens, we’ll waive the exchange fees on 1.500 x 10 = 15.000 USD worth of trading per month).

We will likely add more ways how GIX tokens will be beneficial for GIX holders in the future.

GIX Debit Card will be able to hold cryptocurrencies, which are directly tradable to/from USD in major crypto exchanges (e.g. BTC/USD; ETH/USD; BCH/USD).

This list will be expanded when and as other altcoins become directly tradable to/from USD on major exchanges.

We’re looking to start up with BTC, ETH, BCH (Bitcoin cash), we’re looking to add 50 major currencies later in the year.

Users will receive interest on the crypto assets they lend to other users of Giltxchange for trading. Interest rates will depend on the period for which funds are lent.

You can take out a crypto loan and use it to buy more/alternative crypto assets, effectively putting on the repo deal your existing crypto you already have.

Specific rates are to be announced later.

We will release 300 000 000 tokens (65%) for the general public and the remaining 35% will be reserved for the Giltxchange team, partners and advisors.

The portion reserved for Giltxchange team will be locked for 3 months by a smart contract.

Giltxchange is aiming to support over 50 FIAT currencies. Initially we look to start with EUR, GBP or USD – specifics depending on the number of customers signing up from each respective geography as well as Giltxchange's ability to comply with local legislative requirements.

GIX ICO participants will be eligible for several privileges.

All ICO members will get the profit sharing of Giltxchange Trading Platform & prioritised on the waiting list for the GIX card. Then, depending on the number of tokens purchased, we will waive exchange fees, issue and deliver the GIX card for free and offer premium Giltxchange wallet features for free.

Accepted cryptocurrencies are: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin.

  • Giltxchange Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    To facilitate the conversion between crypto and traditional assets, as well as between cryptocurrencies, Giltxchange will be offering an exchange platform. It will operate on a brokerage principle – Giltxchange will act as exchange agency that executes the conversion based on single aggregated exchange rate, which is based on the prevailing rates at global crypto trading platforms.

  • Giltxchange wallet

    Multi-currency blockchain Wallet enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange and get spent via the debit card from one convenient location.

  • GIX Debit Card

    Everyone everywhere will be able to buy major cryptocurrencies. Moreover, all these Altcoins could be used for all purchases with your GIX Debit Card. No external exchange necessary, no complex processes. When you will make a payment with GIX Debit Card it will automatically connect your cryptocurrency with FIAT currency. Giltxchange wallet automatically selects the best exchange rate depending on the currencies in the wallet at the moment of the operation.

  • Secure Cold Storage

    Decide how much of your coins should be kept in cold storage.

Premium users will be able to regulate what part of their money will be saved in cold wallet and which part of their money will be used for everyday use.

Also, we are planning to add more features for premium users on the go.

1 Token is worth 0.075 USD.

We will start in Europe & Asia, but our goal is to be global.

Yes, “Know Your Customer” requirements will be applicable.

Giltxchange mission is to provide reliable and effective currency exchange service to everyone. Although, one of the main aspects of our business model is based on the highest possible security we believe that additional steps to make safe processes even safer could only be advantageous.

Two-factor authentication will be applied whenever possible to ensure greater security to clients’ crypto assets, we will perform independent security audits – these are just few of the security measures we have planned.

All funds received from the ICO will be used for the development of the Giltxchange cryptocurrency exchange platform, for the development of Giltxchange mobile app, for the development of debit card system and all the connective components integration that everything would work as one decent product.

Initial Token Distribution


Sale Proceed Allocation

The key facts about GIX ICO
  • 15 June 2018
  • GIX
  • ERC-20
  • 300.000.000 GIX
  • 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 1 LTC
  • 0.075 - 0.08 USD
  • 585 USD

Yes, GIX tokens are expected to be tradable on major exchanges on Aug 1st, 2018.

This is because GIX token is not listed on exchanges yet.

The GIX token is expected to be listed on exchanges on Aug 1st, 2018.

Yes, after you buy GIX tokens you will receive a confirmation email.

Smart contract will be uploaded to Github on 10th of June.

As stated in our whitepaper, all transactions are final and refunds are not possible.

Yes, you can find more information about our bounty program here.